Code and describe your infrastructure, SensioCloud continuously deploys and synchronizes your application, its data, and services... Git-like.

Reduce hosting costs by 60%. Stop wasting time and energy finding, building and maintaining your own stack. We cover it all, from PHP to database, search, security and performance.

A fully maintained stack at your fingertips

Enable any service via a few configuration lines in a YAML file. SensioCloud supports PHP 5 and 7. Each service is deployed in its own custom, lightweight LXC container for optimal performance, stability and flexibility.

Don’t see your service on the list? Ask for it, we’ll make it happen.

Amazon Web Services

Availability first

  • Triple redundancy for services
  • Unlike other platforms, all services on the same network = minimal latency
  • Delegate the possibility to scale your infrastructure to our team during peaks
  • We ensure a 99,99% uptime on the complete stack (network, PHP and services)
  • Backups include code, infrastructure configuration and data for consistent recovery.

Security first

SensioCloud controls and maintains the full stack, ensuring utmost security.

Supported by Yara and SensioLabs Security Advisories Checker, SensioCloud checks all of your git pushes and automatically rejects the insecure ones.

Our protective blocking technology also scans your production sites to block injections before they occur. Depending on the threat, SensioCloud can even block a page until a fix is deployed and spread the blocking to all other customers facing the same issue.

Performance first

SensioCloud assembles the best breed blend in performance technologies


Fastly, a Varnish-based Cache and Content Delivery Network.


Blackfire for continuous code performance testing.


High performance local SSDs.


Redis & APC for application cache.

Deploy 7 times more often and increase productivity by 30%. Our Git integration and filesystem make it possible to go from dev to staging and production and back, in a matter of minutes. All from the comfort of your terminal.

your project in just minutes

sensiocloud init gets your new project up and running in a just few seconds.


Migrating an old project to SensioCloud is simply a matter of moving your code and database content. One simple configuration provisions your services in containers.

The first cloud that synchronizes your Git workflows and infrastructure

Use a descriptive configuration file, stored directly within your git repository, to change and track your configuration requirements along with your code.


Contrary to common dynamic service configurations (as done with Chef or puppet), this descriptive YAML file delivers an instant learning curve to fully repeatable and automated deployments of all services. It’s simpler than ever; just read and code.

Layered file system for instant cloning from production to development

Based on the Ceph layering technology, create multiple instant clones of your production app. Each new layer created on top of your production instance holds your modifications (configuration, code or content) on top of the existing file system.


You can see it like a git-like track record of changes to your app, where instead of copying all of your files at each clone, only new changes will be taken in account.

Continuous integration and continuous deployment. Hassle free.

Any new code commit is automatically deployed to an isolated staging environment.


Start all tests to run on production data: run integration and functional tests and have your product/business owner click through the UI. Then, merge your changes from git only once everything is green.

Continuous Integration

Don’t waste time installing services on your machine

SensioCloud enables you to create a tunnel from your local machine to the SensioCloud infrastructures.


Test your code with live services and the production data. No need to install, configure or manage any additional services.

Straight from your terminal

Who needs a UI anyway? Use the command line to create new environments, set environment variables, add integrations or perform any other configuration.


Rely on the creator of Symfony to support you all the way, from the first line of code to your daily business needs.

Rely on our expertise

Benefit from our vast experience (and secret sauce) to get the best out of Symfony in production.


Pro-active Symfony configuration and performance optimization.

SensioLabs services to help you scale and to coach your teams

SensioLabs’ name was inspired by the Spanish word “sencillo” for “simple” and, when we innovate and deliver a new product, we aim to keep it just that, simple. When you choose SensioCloud, you choose SensioLabs and a team of experts that follows you and your project personally, delivering the technology and the support to accompany you in every aspect of your workload.